Centre Foot - Wheel Upgrade 1.0

When I built R5's centre foot, with 'rubber' caster wheel. It was a sort of stop gap. The idea being that it was basically just so I could push him from A to B.

But on his fist outing, even this was hard work. I'd seen other designs and chatted with other builders and saw that the most common wheel option is a 'scooter' wheel. These offer low profile contact..........they are more pointy, compared to my 'rubber' caster wheel which has quite a flat large contact area [See last pic].

These pics are what I'm hopeing to fit in place of the original rubber caster wheel.....
R2D2 Centre Foot wheelR2D2 Centre Foot wheel

This picture shows the original centre foot wheel.
R5D4 Center Foot

Looking at how to fit new wheel (borrowed from another old scooter). The internal platform will also need work doing to raise it up inside the shell, so the wheel's ground clearance is not so large.
Ive seen this alteration done before, so not my claim to fame :).

This morning I drew up cardboard test templates for centralising the scooter wheel, and raising it up to clear the wheel bracket insides. First attempt is on the right of picture.
R2D2 Centre Foot wheel
More to follow.....

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