R5-D4's Head 4.1 - Cone almost complete.

Did a load more sanding of the filler on the cone. Then applied more wood filler to the remaing gaps.

I then looked at fitting internal panels to the Motivator Pie Hole. To give the 'lip' impression. I started of by cutting out a base to cover the aluminium Motivator bracket and the opening. Next i marked up some 3mm thick hardboard and cut side panels to shape. Then came the tricky part, the curved outer piece. I roughly cut a length of hardboard, the same thickness as sides. I then scored the back and carefully bent a curve.
R5D4, R5-D4, r5d4, r5-d4, bad motivator, pie hole

After, trimming and shaping edges, i glued the side pieces only inside the pie hole. For now the base panel and sides are not going to be glued together, incase the base and bracket need to be modified in the future. I then filled in any gaps with wood filler.
R5D4, R5-D4, r5d4, r5-d4, bad motivator, pie hole
R5's Motivator Pie Hole Base
The base plate and bracket both got a new small hole for the LED wires to be fed through into the dome.

....................this leads onto the next post on the Motivator.

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