Bad Motivator - upgrade work in progress 2.2

I found a red cap that I'll use instead of the diffuser, for the red LED.
R5D4 Bad Motivator

The Back Plate I thought was too long, so I then trimmed it down and cut angles onto the edges, as per my sketches I made from watching ANH film, pausing it and zooming in on it,  this plate needs to be fixed and bonded into place.
R5D4 Bad MotivatorR5D4 Bad Motivator

R5D4 Bad MotivatorR5D4 Bad Motivator

Spent a lunchtime soldering up some new wire for the LED, switch & battery holder.

I got to test my handywork…… Nothing! What the……. :(
Thankfully or not, it wasn't my workmanship, but the N Size battery holder contact?? The spring cripped contact wasn't making a circuit, though you could see that it was!?!?!

So late last night, I re-wired this end by soldering the wire directly onto the spring end.
And now my Motivator is Bad, lol.
R5D4 Bad MotivatorR5D4 Bad Motivator
Left picture was with the camera flash, the right picture without camera flash lol.

Once I've prepped the dome cone for primer and if time, white and red pie panels…….no, I'm getting ahead of myself, not enough time before the weekend's display event…… 

So for now, I'll just fit the Motivator into his Pie Hole :).

Don Jarr's R2D2 resin parts available on Ebay, see link below.

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