Build update - Head, shoulders knees and toes..........scrub the last two and put a Foot No2 in there..... :)

It's been ages since I've had the time to be able to work on R5.

Outer Foot shell No.2 - The Saga continues.......
So decided to get to work on a more portable work piece, so to speak.
I had already marked out the second foot base edge. So decided, as the material was 'protable', to take it into work to cut it out on my lunchtimes.
wood being cut lol
Next was to 'chain drill' the middle piece or use the jigsaw. Time available.

Shoulder Horseshoe No2.
I did make a start on this earlier in the year, but when I started on the second leg, it got kinda left..... Now that R5 is due to make another appearance in a few months, I thought I'd better crack on with it! 
R5-D4 Leg, shoulder, horseshoe
Shoulder horseshoe No2 - WIP
R5-D4 Leg, shoulder, horseshoe
In order to save material, only three of the horseshoe's are whole pieces.
In order to save material, as I was running out, only three of the horseshoes are whole pieces. The front a middle and the rear. You can see these in the pic above. The Spacer horseshoe will also be a whole piece. The internal pieces of the build I have cut out in half sections. The whole unit will be glued and have fixing dowels, as the other horseshoe does.
R5-D4 Leg, shoulder, horseshoe

Next drilling for fixing dowels, and then taking apart to cut out the circle centre.
R5-D4 Leg, shoulder, horseshoe

Once central holes were cut out, edges trimmed and sanded. they were sealed with watered down PVA glue. And then the glueing together of the pieces began.
R5-D4 Leg, shoulder, horseshoe
Glueing begins
Whilst this was drying, I started on the recess parts. They were already marked, just needed drilling and fileing square. Pic below.
R5-D4 Leg, shoulder, horseshoe
Glued up the pieces and started filling with wood filler to swuare off edges.

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