R5-D4's Head 2.9 - UPDATE

Did some more work on the Dome panel joins etc last night. Filed and sanded the join between the two as it was still bulging slightly and could be felt when you moved your hand over the surface. Once done I applied some watered down PVA glue onto the 'cut/rough' surface to seal.

I then got to re-positioning the Eyes & recessed boxes. I just rotated them around by about 30mm. This was enough to clear the verticals behind the panels and also make sure the recessed boxes were clear too.

I then checked my accuracy via cross lines on the flat top, lol, not had, not had at all :D

It was getting very late now and I know this is when you SHOULDN'T continue, but I had to hahahaha. I pilot drilled the first Eye hole and then opened it out to be a tight fit with the spyhole's locking tube.

And here's a quick pic of R5 with one Eye.

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