R5'D4's Eyes - Main Eye No.3 & Upper Eye

So last Friday I finished off Main Eye No.3, after work. All of 10mins. Having all three Main Eyes fitted with the Spyholes, looks great.

Machined up the Upper Eye [the long one] today. Threaded the rear with an M5 thread, for fitting and then inserted a 'star' washer into the end to add effect.
This took about half an hour all in to complete.
The washer on the end is to retain the Eye once fitted.


  1. Those eyes look great - almost eerie how they look like they can see you!

    But good job on those dude. Everything so far looks great, but these are my fave :)

    1. Thanks James. They were easy to make and once I get the LED's in them glowing, they should look even better :)