R5-D4's Head - 2.6

I drew up in CAD, an upper and lower rings. These I am hoping to use to screw the two main dome panels to, to help retain their curve and shape. As my first attempt at keeping them curved failed.

Then Saturday I marked up and cut out the upper ring [still a disc at the moment]. Angled the Jigsaw to it's pre-set angle of 15 degs, close enough to what I wanted ;). I've countersunk and then screwed the panel onto the upper ring, starting with the centre and working alterntivly either side along the edge, to prevent the wood from splitting.This was last night and it was still holding this morning lol. So here are some pics so far.
Screwing the panel down.
you can see by looking at the ends that the hardboard doesn't like being bent :D
I'll be cutting out the lower ring today. This piece is definatly needed!!

I need to next mark on it the position of the opening for the Motivator dome panel and also the Antenna. As am thinking that this could be bolted onto it to secure it (??)

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