R5-D4's Head 2.3 - curve problem and Dome boxes

Lunchtime yesterday, I only had time to cut out three of the four curve pieces I needed for the Upper section of the Dome. Available material, meant I had to reduced the length of curve, hence four instead of just two. But, I had problems with fixing the first one and restraining it in a curve, whilst the bonding resin set.
This was the result. Not happy with this, so am going to have to get some more board to cut curve to original length and re-do it. I needed to get some more anyway as I don't have enough for the rest of the dome. In the meantime, I started sanding the wood filler I'd applied.

Dome recess boxes:
I have been looking into how I am going to fix my Dome Rods that I made, years ago. These fit into three recessed areas, one either side and one at the dome rear. The side rods are the same the rear is different.

What I've done for the two 'side' rods is drill a hole through the top plate so the rod slides up thro, then they will be secured in place with M5 socket head screws. The centre rod, which goes at the rear of the dome, will have a pin in the top plate, and a screw up from the bottom. Well, that's the plan, watch this space lol.

All three rods were machined in two pieces.This was due to the amount of material protruding out of the Lathe's chuck. Especially when producing the straight knurl, as the material is not cut, but deformed. 

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