Bad Motivator - upgrade work in progress 2.0

Continuing on from previous post regarding my/R5's 'bad' motivator. I took apart the three main assembled pieces. I then had to remove a piece of molding that was going to be in the way :( I've kept it as I can re-attach it in a new place later.

Next I had to file a flat on/into the top dia, so that the 'heatsink' pad would sit flat. I then drilled a new hole where I wanted the 'coiled' piece to be. I need to make up a new circle piece to go on the stub, but this might not yet be seen, depends how much motivator I have sticking out of R5's head :)

So here's my work so far and the image I found for comparison.

It's not 100% accurate, but it's getting there and I'm a lot happier with how it's looking :)

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