Outer Foot No1 & Battery Box No1 - now in white

Finished Sanding the battery box.
Then on test fitting the braided hose & Knurled fittings, I found that the flex in hose (the rubber hose inside the braid) was causing the box to tip away from the outer foot shell at the bottom. The pivot point was the two catches at the top!
So drilled a pilot hole, then through into the battery box, then hammered a spiral pin through into place in the Outer Foot. The hole in the battery box was made slightly bigger for clearance. The battery box now slides over the two catches and locates onto the pin.
R2D2 outer foot, location pin for battery box
The spiral pin can just be seen sticking out of the curved section.
This is not a new idea, has been used in similar forms before.

Then this morning, out came the white spray can and got to spraying up the outer foot shell & battery box.
R2D2 Outer Foot & Battery Box, Braided hoseR2D2 Outer Foot & Battery Box, Braided hose

Also sprayed up the knurled hose fittings and battery harness straps with primer.

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