I give you........R5-D4

So, this morning, the kids were out doing 'activities' and the wife was out too, and to top it all the SUN was out shining and the wind was still.

Didn't take two seconds to realise, now was my chance to 'do' some work on R5.

So I assembled R5, legs, feet, 'aluminium' strip to feet channels, battery box on to check for clearance etc.

Whilst assembling, a gentlman walking his dog, by himself, said [to himself or his dog], 'Look, it's R2-D2!' So I was chuffed it was recognisable, then a bit miffed he got it wrong! hahaha :D.

Outer foot R5D4
Test fitting of outer foot internal to leg

Then on with the rest of the legs and feet.

And the pictures you and I have been waiting for............

R5-D4 standing on his own three feet.
This shot show's Foot No.2 is still a W.I.P.
I didn't fit the booster cover etc or the horseshoe.
This shot shows R5-D4's rear, rear hatch, opening into his outer foot
And back round to the side.
Close up of the Battery box fitted.

I also fitted the fake aluminium strips to the channels of the feet. They are screwed in place and these will need a spot of paint on them.

And here is the 'trimming' I had to do so the legs would fit into the channel of the internal foot channel.

This leg still needed trimming, but this time along the thick part of it. As it was touching the shell. Found this out when the leg and foot were assembled and the wheels weren't sitting flat on the floor.

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