New e-Cig bracket

The problem I found with the e-Cig bracket is that the single screw didn't hold it in place. Also the position of the screw was actually obscured by the contacts. Plus,there wasn't enough clearance to unscrew it with its collar in place.

So I drew/modified the design to have two screw fixing positions, easier access to fix them. I lowered them as well. I then increased the land that the 'flat top 510' adapter fits into, to allow the e-Cig & it's collar (once pipe is disconnected) to freely unscrew for easier refilling.

I added an angle to the flat, so that it would allow clearance to the e-Cig/Motivator slide unit.
James' R5D4 e-Cig smoke unit

James' R5D4 e-Cig smoke unit

I love all this testing and refining of parts.

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