Smoke system tutorial - Part 2 Assembly

Here is my 'How-to' for assembling R5's e-Cig smoke system.

I've created this in picture format, so that it can be easily downloaded (if needed to be) & is therefore easy to save & print off. I've not included the bracket in this layout. The pump and additional electrics, I'll do separately as it is a lot of info to diagram up.

All the info is contained on the guide.

Including a text link to the 3D printable collar.

r5d4, bad motivator, smoke system, e-cig

Here's the link to my Thingiverse page, though you'll have to wait 24hrs (for new users)

This is the easy part, I'm still drawing up a wiring diagram for the relay timers,
voltage regulator & remote control side of the system.
Will post his up next week.

This info will also go up on my Blog on

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