Smoke system tutorial - Part 2 Assembly

Here is my 'How-to' for assembling R5's e-Cig smoke system.

I've created this in picture format, so that it can be easily downloaded (if needed to be) & is therefore easy to save & print off. I've not included the bracket in this layout. The pump and additional electrics, I'll do separately as it is a lot of info to diagram up.

All the info is contained on the guide.

Including a text link to the 3D printable collar.

r5d4, bad motivator, smoke system, e-cig

Here's the link to my Thingiverse page, though you'll have to wait 24hrs (for new users)

This is the easy part, I'm still drawing up a wiring diagram for the relay timers,
voltage regulator & remote control side of the system.
Will post his up next week.

This info will also go up on my Blog on

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  1. Hey,

    What voltage are you running the coil at? The pdf suggests its 6v, but looking at the specs of that vape it should be closer to 4v. You running it high to get more smoke, but a shorter duty cycle/lifespan?

    The vape I got actually only has a 1.5 ohm coil, so at 6V that would be a whopping 4A! :)

    Waiting for the last few bits to arrive, then will be giving it a test. Working on my own i2c arduino system to trigger it all. ;)