A 'sticker' for R5-D4

The free samples came last week and what a choice to choose from lol :D

Loads of different finishes to choose from, some I won't need, but a few that would be really cool to do. But for my first run, I went with 'Glossy coated'.
R5-D4 stickers
R5-D4 stickers
My design was drawn up in bit map, which for sending off for the patch, was ok, but when I loaded it up on the sticker site....I realised it wasn't going to right!

I don't have access to proper design programs and we're not able to download unauthorised programs, so I had to find a converter online. After searching and finding what I actually needed, I was able to get my bit maps converted to 'Vector' files.

I've uploaded my first design and they should be here in a week or so.

.................I'll post up links for these and the patches, once they arrive,
if anyone would like to purchase.

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