Optic 6 Transmitter - 3D printed stick lock

After last Sunday's event, it reminded me that I needed to sort out some sort of hand grip/strap for the controller. As when 'parading' etc, you only need the one hand/thumb to steer R5 with. So I hold the controller down by my side when walking, I this helps with the illusion of R5 being real.

One thing tho is that the dome (left stick) is then exposed to potentially being knocked, causing the dome to 'randomly' rotate, when you just want him facing forward.

Internet searching for grip/strap, led me to 3D printing ideas, but I only found transmitter stick lock/protection covers. So I drew up my own, to help guide the stick left/right.

Then I drew up a 'lock' to clip into the groove and lock onto the stick. It looks solid, but I made a hollowed out version.
Only have a pic of the 3D CAD version of it.

I designed it to slot into the groove, fitting so that it couldn't slide left or right. The the upper section is a snug fit so that it can't fall off.

I've not sprayed this piece up yet, may do it in R5 red.....

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