R4-D4 Dome work progress 3.7 - Re-spray Dome red

I thought I'd masked off enough to be able to spray the area needed, without leaving a spray edge. Well, I did and didn't......more tho I didn't manage this. To say I was annoyed, would be putting it mildly.....mainly as I'd only picked up one can, thinking it would be just enough to cover the area effected.
 Masked off areas that didn't need spraying

But this additional coat of paint also showed up the fact that the original layer wasn't consistent enough.

So I used some wire wool to gently rub away the paint line. This takes some of the metallic shine off, but wasn't course enough to remove actual paint.

Then it was re-masking off the entire dome....which took over an hour to do!
I also had to go back to the shop to pick up two cans (not falling for THAT mistake again) of metallic red.

Friday morning, dome back in the spay booth and I got to spraying up the WHOLE dome!

And once the masking tape and paper was removed....

I covered over the white panels and the red panels that weren't effected by the previous paint line (Above picture & below picture). I wanted to do this as well as these now have a slightly lighter red to them, which I like.

One of two bleed spots appeared after removing the masking tape...

but some light wire wool and these were gone.

So over the weekend, I'll re-apply the silver to the grooves and then clear coat the dome.

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