R4-D4 Dome work progress 3.3

Progress update, just before I'm off work for the Christmas season.

Work done:
  • 3D printed the location brackets & magnet holder for the lid.
  • silver detailed the grooved panels.
Doesn't sound like much lol.
 Started hand painting the grooves on the dome and lid.

 The magnet holder above, a washer was arldited to the underside of the lid.

The printed location holder, one of two, screwed to the underside of the dome's top ring. The lid has two blocks that slot into these.

Set back with the metal ring fabrication......this is on hold for now, which hold's up me semi-completing the build. I still need to sort the electronics and power cables, so something to do over Xmas lol.

The UK R2D2 Builders Club are holding there annual Xmas get-together on the 28th December. Something else to look forward too.

So from me and R5, Merry Chirstmas 

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