R4-D4 Dome work progress 2.4

Today saw the second can of primer/filler used up on the dome. But it was worth it.

The lid edges were shaped to specifically match each corner, so only one orientation. I applied PVA wash over the edges. Before it was dusted with spray. So this part of the dome is done. But there's still loads to do.

The light really shows up the edges best in this picture. Am really pleased so far.
Once all dry, a light sanding will follow.

I started on location lugs for the lid to fit inside the dome's hole. More on this in next blog post, if it works lol.

Here's a picture of the new/old 3D printed panel that didn't print so well. I did test fit it to see how it looks inside the dome.

The new new 3D printed panel is being printed. Two hours and it's only half way through lol.

Some good news about the Radar Eye lens. After searching shops for the 99p fake CCTV dome version, I had to bid on eBay. Found a set of 4.....yes, I know, but in order to get them this side of Christmas, it had to be done. The price for the 4, I could of paid for 1, the increase since I bought one for my R0 dome last year is ridiculous!!

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