R4-D4 - 3D holo eye - painting pt2 - weathering

Saturday was spent hunting for my specific spray paint's that I've used in the past on R5. But my usual outlets have reduced their selection, combined with the manufacture changing & by the looks of it, discontinuing some of their colour choices.....NOT GOOD!

Looks like online shopping (eBay) will be my only option.....costing more £££

Anyhow, I did get a better 'silver' (only realised how good once I'd used it lol) and prayed up the 'ball' part of the holo eye.
 Plastikote - metallic 'silver'

Once masking tape was removed.

I then weathered the fluted nozzle for the worn look.
I wrapped masking tape around the nozzle, then took a file and carefully filed through the tape down to the black. I did this unevenly so as to create a 'random' effect.
 file removed some edges on the nozzle.

 the torn edges can be seen in the above picture.

Not bad result for a first attempt at doing it this way.

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