R4-D4 Dome - curved woodwork panels 1.0

Cut out one piece of hardboard to test as I attempt to create a curved panel.

With my other domes, they fact they are 'round' has meant not to much trouble in curving the sheet into shape. When I say easy I mean hard lol. A cylinder is easy, but restraining straps on a 'cone' shape tend to slide up and off. And because this frame is not just a cone, but also has large flats, this doesn't make it very easy to hold in place.

The lower section of the panel curves to the lower ring, quite easily, but the tapered/point....wants to remain flat. So I added score lines and 'helped' it to bend. Just like almost scoring through the wood to get a clean cut, the score lines help to reduce the resistance in the wood and allow it to bend (almost break). You can hear the fibers in the board tearing.

I needed an extra support to be able to press the panel against to hold and shape the panel.

 PVA glue applied to lower ring and one side of vertical edge.

 Panel in place and clamps applied.
I then cut up some off cuts and used this to help glue the panel in pace.
I also used panel pins on the end edges.

Clamps from rear, clamping blocks to hold everything in place.

I did this Sunday so will see how it all holds, will release the clamps tonight (Monday), will update next time.

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