Littlebits - Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit

Seems a long time ago now, but when we were at the
Force Friday 2 (link to my Blog post) event at John Lewis,
the Littlebits team were there with their Droid Inventor kit.

The attending club members chatted and were asked if we would like to review the kits.
At the asking price, I personally couldn't justify buying the kit.
These last few weeks, I've seen other's, review the kits and so assumed that a quota had been met and that I wouldn't be needed for testing purposes 😄 lol.

So yesterday, the wife messaged me to say a package had arrived, I hadn't ordered anything??.......oh wait, my new club top perhaps??

Got home to find this.....
WOW! 😲
It was a busy evening last night, and my kids had already gone to bed.
We have a busy next few days and then I've an important event on Saturday.
So I won't be able to let the kids at this till Sunday at the earliest 😄 & I'll be asking them to write me a review (which I'll take full credit for.....spelling mistakes an all 😄 lol)

A big thank you to the people at Littlebits for this.
For their main website, click their name at top of page
or search up online for UK shops

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