Feel The Force Day 5 - Peterborough 2017 **Event Report - Part 1**

Another fun packed day for all who attended.

I had loaded R5 up the night before as I wanted to be away early Saturday morning.

Quietly, up at 6am, out the door my 6:30am and on the long journey up to Peterborough.
Arrived around 10am and met up with Glynn & R2-PHT, Adam & his wife arrived not long after with his R2-D2 & Wall-e droid.

We were over in the 'Star Wars' corner along with Joker Squad.

There were crowds of people outside being entertained by costumed attendees & also the array of cars from films. American style police cars, classic & new, 'Bumblebee',
lowrider pickup truck as well as Mark's Podpad studio 95 Spider Batman inspired vehicle.

The doors opened at 11am, and the main area soon filled up.

....been a busy week plus weekend gone I had a special event to attend.

Feel The Force Day 5 - Peterborough 2017
Event Report - Part 2.......coming soon.

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