Trading Cards Box - UPDATE - compartment 1.1

In my last post, I said I wanted to look at padding out the box as I didn't want the cards rattling around inside and getting damaged.
The Rogue One Trading Card box
As you can see in the picture above, the cards aren't a tight fit!

I didn't like the idea of padding as it can be untidy once cut. So as we still have the 3D printer in the office, I got to measure up and designed an infill compartment for it.

But before I printed it off in full, I just printed the top section first.

This way I could check the fit. The corner angles weren't bang on, but then I decided that the recessed look was better.
(Originally the top section was going to be flush with the top of the opened box.)

I then had to reduce the inside piece to fit the new height.

Doing this in two sections was also a good idea as it meant I didn't have to dig out the support in the recessed text section. And super gluing the two pieces together was made easy by the fact the pieces were held in place by the insides of the box.

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