Ideas for another dome......?

I need to be making something lol........so I decided that I'll make another dome 😊.

Obviously its gonna be made out of wood, and after searching through the www.astromech.net forum, I came across a very talented individual who's build (tho very 'time' intensive) was a work of craftsmanship, but this gave me some new ideas....

There are two very different designs to R5 that I've not tried, one I wouldn't of considered, before reading the above builders forum posts. The second is half as technical as R5, but with simpler build areas too.

Am using 3D CAD Inventor (in my free time in work) to figure out framework etc.
Here's a teaser pic for now.....
Basic component structure shown, so no real give away lol
Dug around in the garage last night for wood that I have left over. Recently had to move stuff around so the kids could get to their bikes easier, so had to move stuff around again lol.

more to follow..........

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