Funko Pop R5-D4 - Smugglers Bounty **WIN**

R5's for sale via UK sellers are starting to increase in numbers available.

After being highest bidder for almost a week without any other bids, Saturday evening it was all hands to battle stations as the bidding war started.

I prepared myself, but held firm and with seconds to go, retained highest bid and won!

This attempt worked out cheaper than the last one I was bidding on too.
There were two other R5's that finished Sunday & another soon after, if this bid had failed.

Delivery should be the end of the week.

Another great saving the weekend was buying two Funko Pop figures for the wrongly marked price of 95p........YES £0.95p (GBP) lol, the assistant said ok to these two but said she'd have to remove the rest from the shelves lol, until system was corrected.

Posted up on my R5-D4 Instagram feed.

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