3D Printed tags - 1.1

These didn't take to long to print off and they came out cleaner than what I was expecting. Well it is my first time 'printing' text.

The rounded corners needed to be filed and made larger, as I had only roughly measured the recesses, but this wasn't to big a thing to sort.

Next up was painting. I dug out my metallic red spray paint & paint brush. And sprayed some into the can lid. I then hand painted onto the tags.
The blue wasn't the same metallic I'd used as the can was empty. So had to use a Humbro mini tin I had from years ago when painting my Stormtrooper's Ab buttons. It doesn't look to bad and was only to highlight the raised club name.

Next up was fitting.

Used thick glue (doesn't look so thick in the pic lol) But one corner had lifted up when it was being printed, so the back wasn't perfectly flat.
I then got the drill out, see....no pre planning lol....and drilled to corner holes and fitted to cut down mini screws I had in my odds box.
I prefer the two opposing screws rather than the over kill of four.....but we'll see how it holds. The glue had actually started to cure and was already holding the tag in place, so I think this should work, plus being recessed it shouldn't get knocked etc.

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