Smugglers Bounty......R5-D4!!!

Being an R5 fan.....obviously, lol, it always bug's me that the little guy
get's over looked by toy people, clothing etc.
And one (and only one I'll be buying) that I wanted
was an R5-D4 Funko Pop figure.

Then a few weeks ago I saw on twitter a feed about Episode 1 C3-P0..... but that wasn't important to be lol, the back of the box was what people had spied.....could it be????

YES it was.....R5-D4.

Well here's the link to the Smugglers Bounty You Tube video
click pic to You Tube link

I don't subscribe to these sort's of things, my lose I guess,
but at least I now know that R5-D4 is out there....somewhere lol.

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