R5-D4 Trading cards collection 2017 **UPDATE Pt2**

Few posts back I said about the cards I had seen to add to my
R5-D4 trading card collection.

Found two more (affordable ones) and now I have them.

First one was this one on the right...

This card version is the 'blue' one, there is another version of this one but it is the 'red' version. These though are selling for a LOT more than I'll be paying for at the moment. But it's on my list.

My second card was again, another 'multi-colour' version. It's a 'Masterwork' R5-D4.
I wasn't expecting the card to be as thick as it was, it's 2mm thick! This version is the silver/black one, there is also a blue/black one too. The colour's relate to the inner picture boarder.

Whilst searching aroumd I found a fun box to store my R5 trading cards in. It's from the Rogue One series and I got this empty one off eBay for about £4 inc P&P.
Rogue One trading card case
May need to add some padding inside on the ends of the case.....
These cases usually come with cards and are on eBay for about £10.

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