R0-D4 dome upgrade 2017 - 1.3

After working on the sledge, I needed to give my bench a tidy up. I was going to re-install R5's smoke system, more on that in the other post. The other box of bits was the new set of flashing LED's I had planned on using for R0's dome light PSi style panel.
Two types of LED's, blinking ones & tri-coloured LED's (x4 off)
This piece of cardboard was a test card to display the LED's to get an idea of the random layout required. And to see how they looked through the frosted piece of plastic, that can be seen at the bottom of the picture. There is already a frosted piece fitted in the dome, but this second piece helps to diffuse the light more.

Link to last attempts at dome lights.

Version 1

Version 2

I took some short videos, so will post this up once I've edited it together.

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