Jessika 'Testor' Pava - Flight suit & Chest Box 1.4

I found some spare ABS sheet that came with my FX armour, years ago. And marked up the ejector brackets for the harnesses.
x-wing flight suit
These are scaled down to suit my daughters outfit.

The green LED arrived yesterday & so of course I had to fit it in to check.
x-wing pilot
 Inside of box showing LED (this will be hot glued in place)
& view from the front.

Next was to apply wood filler to the joins. Because the cardboard is layered up it's really stiff and so the filler actually works. Below pic is the morning after, once it had dried and was sanded.

I had to fit the hose on to show my daughter, who was very excited. These were taken before wood filler was applied.
X-wing chest box & hose
 X-wing chest box & hose (which will be cut to length)
X-wing chest box & hose

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