Jessika 'Testor' Pava - Flight suit & Chest Box 1.1

The jump suit, now to be called 'flight suit' lol, arrived at the weekend and although it will require some shortening of the arms & legs, as can be seen in the picture, it fitted my daughter quite well. The extra material from the turn-up's I'll be able to re-use for pockets etc. The colour is also a little 'bright' lol, but again, working with what's available & cheap.
Jessika Pava, flight suit, x-wing
Jessika Pava - flight suit
I also had time to look at making the flight suit control, chest box. Forum's like the Rebel Forum have lots of info and very creative people! There are 3D printed designs available too. But as this outfit is a reduced size version, the only way forward was to make her own scaled version. So after roughly measuring the size, I got to work on cutting up and sticking cardboard to created the chest box.

I've made the box out of several built up layers to create the grooved detail. This also add's strength to the box. The cut out in the rear was done to be able to access the internal area, as I plan to include a green LED, as per available data known. I've also not fully sealed up the box as the hose needs to be able to be secured first.

x-wing flight-suit chest box
x-wing flight-suit chest boxx-wing flight-suit chest box

Still the upper & bottom sections to complete. Then the plan is to fill in areas with filler before painting.

The hose arrived and looks good. Also the webbing came to, so I'll be able to get measuring and cutting this to length this week sometime.

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