Jess Testor Pava - helmet - 1.5

Fibre-glass matt arrived at the weekend, so was able to carry on with the inside of the helmet this week.

I had been applying body filler to the area's that already had strength. A lot of sanding but thankfully, not to much shaping needed. It helps if you apply thinly and as smoothly as possible.
x-wing helmet

x-wing helmet

Next I marked and cut out the crest shape that's on the lower rear of the helmet. With all the other things during researching, the rear area was one part I missed. Mainly due to there not being very many rear shots. 
rear crest marked for cutting
I then used my cutting wheel on my dremel to slice open the area.

I slotted out and attached a piece of card to give the end shape.

I then started applying fibre-glass matt to strengthen it all.

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