Feel The Force Day - Peterborough 2016 **Event Report**

Another early start to the day, and another long journey from Bristol to Peterborough, but all in a good cause!

On arriving, there was a crowd of people queuing up and also having photo's taken with a host of attending costumers. Stormtroopers, the Movie group prop cars, Batman to name some. Mark was there, I got to briefly chat to him, with his Steampunk 'Tumbler' (inspired from Batman).

There were so many people at the entrance, we joined other costumers using a side entrance to get R5 inside. Big thanks to Emma for helping.

Feel the Force Day
This is what Feel the Force is about.
This young man spent about 10 minutes, touching R5, listening to him beep.

R2 leads the way
This is the crowd as we entered the main arena. I had to stand and wait for about 10mins as R5 was getting so much attention.

Adam & his R2D2 made their way though to where his set up was, but the main stage.
R2-D2 & R5-D4
Princess Leia meets R2
Lara Croft, Hacker T Dog, Feel the Force
Lara wasn't to impressed with Hacker T Dog's antics lol
CBBC, R5D4, Hacker T Dog
But he did want his picture with R5......good doggy lol

Hacket T Dog website link to CBBC

R5 & R2 do play nicely with each other.......sometimes lol
feel the force day, wookie's
More love for R5....

awkward moment.....move along.....move along.......phew!
Pikachu! And not a 'Go' in sight! lol
Adam take's WALL-E out for a spin
There was a lifesize toy box from The Force Awakens, this was a great hit with everyone!

And of course R5 had to have his picture taken......tho this took about 10mins as everytime I was about to get him out his box, somebody elase wanted to take his picture lol.
R5-D4 toy boxed
R5-D4 toy boxed
It was another long, but great day! I had to leave about 5 as traveling back home and evening plans. Big thanks to Emma for her help, spotting etc.

Check out the website via the link at top, look forward to seeing you next year.

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