R5D4 gets some screen time.....

 .......on 'Sky's Star Wars Greatest moments'

I was away at the time, but my friend Karen, recorded the program for me. She had already watched and posted up on FB about seeing R5 on the program lol.

I mentioned in my post 'Celebration Europe 3 2016 event-report PT3' about the mini film crew & Alex Zane and was a little thrown when he was stood next to R5. I did get a very quick picture and video. Mark Cox took this great pic of the filming.
Alex Zane, R2D2, R5D4
Filming for Star Wars Greatest Moments 2016
Also in the shot is R2 & Mike's yellow R2

Here are my screen grabs, lol...
Star Wars Greatest moments

Star Wars Greatest moments

Star Wars Greatest moments
This takes me back, I was just rolling R5 around and these guys asked if they could have R5 in their pictures. Then R4 & BB8 roll past and join the now growing photo opportunity for the first wave of attending visitors as the doors opened in the morning.

Star Wars Greatest moments
If you watched the programe, you'll also see R2-M80 (Matey, yellow) roll in front of us.

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