Han Solo costume for my Son....... Complete 2.0

Blaster update:

With building R0-D4's dome in the available day free time & getting my Son's Han Solo costume made on the evenings, I'd not totally forgotten about finishing off his E-11 blaster......

......OK, I had. I last did any work on it back in February!

It was boxed up and then the box moved around the garage to access other stuff and I 'lost' it. So with some urgency I got on with finishing it off.

Not much work needed really, as this is only a simplified, 'child proof' version.
(and by child proof, I mean drop'ish/knock proof lol)

So I cut out some wood disc's and shaped end cap and nozzle.

The end cap is not 100% accurate, just for show.
The front nozzle I made the shape to roughly match originals.

I applied some rapid Araldite over joins and gaps to secure. This stays flexible, which is good, rather than brittle (breaks if blaster gets dropped), but it also looks like weld.

These's were the last bits to make. Next was primer spraying all the bits separately.

**   Due to time, I didn't get a chance to take   **
any completed pics of the blaster,
but I will do and post up next week

Full costume complete:
What a weekend..... material cutting, stitching, sowing, mistakes, redo's, you name it, it happened. But LATE Tuesday night, with the help of Karen, I managed to complete my Son's costume.....phew!!!

Never have I been so relieved to never be sowing Blood stripes onto trousers EVER again!! lol. There far from perfect, but they will do for this version.

Again, there wasn't any time to take pics of him actually wearing it...and he's not fully tried it all on yet either (tonight, Wednesday) he will, before I pack it all up to take to Celebration Europe with me.

I did take some quick pics of the finished items,
Han Solo

Han Solo costume
Blood stripes, boot's & Trooper belt in the bag
Han Solo costume

Han Solo shirt

not great pics, taken via mobile phone, but will post up some better ones of him next week or even via my Twitter account @JamesR5D4. Which will be getting used a lot the next few days. So click and follow for #SWCE event pics.

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