'R0' dome build - 2.7 'Skin & squares'

Weekend work:

Limited free time on Friday night, but managed to get some work done.

Cut out one more 'square', and then glued in one of the two rear panels I made earlier. Then whilst that was drying, I did some filling with filler in spots, removed some more retaining screws and pins and filled these too. Did some sanding and shaping of one lower edge that had the gap. This requires building up the edge to get the shape.
lower skin edge work
Also worked on the 'square' inside face that won't need a panel* made for it. (above pic)

Applied some more filler to blend in the inside faces of the recessed boxes.

After cutting out the squares......they didn't ACTUALLY need cutting out, as seen in a ref pic I found. Then when re-reading Sigge's instructions, yep, I had mis-read his instructions. I could of just grooved them out. Lol, never mind, I still have some of the cut out pieces I can reuse and the grooves around these panels gives them more depth and a 'real' thickness to the dome.

The sample piece of frosted plastic arrived Saturday morning so measured it up and cut it to size. At first I was thinking of flush fitting it to the dome as it's thickness is to much to curve to the dome, but I want it to be curved, so onto the next frosted plastic.....

Did some more rear panel work, cutting out and grooving the rear. This is very time consuming process.

Test fitting of square on dome.

And then gluing them in position.

Then I had the issue of the second square cut out that was partially covered by a vertical support.
I cut out the panel as best I could, then scrapped away the remaining wood that was bonded to the vertical.

Next I cut a piece of backing that would fit and glued it into place.
This piece will need extra filler around where the groove will be.

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