'R0' dome build - 2.4 'Skin & squares'

I made a cardboard template for the lower 'squares' and a rectangular one for the two upper rear/side split panels.
This was just to make life easier. I used the paper template to be able to mark through it onto the wood skin and then used the cardboard template to draw around them once happy they were in there positions.
Also marked the Radar Eye's position
The upper rear sectioned panel, to be grooved

I then started to score and cut them out.
Here I'm grooving out the rear split panel
To do the grooving, I used my Stanley Knife to score to a shallow depth on both sides of the 'groove'. I then used the tool in the pic to peel off the layers of the hardboard, to the depth I wanted, by repeating the scoring.

I mixed up some more P40 fiberglass resin and started applying it all around the edges and joins inside the dome. This helps with strength, meaning some of the more obvious screws can then be removed.

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