Han Solo costume for my Son....... Vest 1.2 'Cut & stitch'

So last night, our friend Karen came over with the Vest material & her sowing machine etc.

She showed me how to set up the machine, explained a few things to remember and then let me loose on some off-cut linen material lol. I tried out a few rows of stitching, made a small mistake of pulling/pushing a little bit which then bunched up the fabric. The knack is to just let the machine do the work, you just guide it. But saying as I've not used a sowing machine in about 30 years [cough] I don't think I did to bad a job...... :D
Han Solo costume
test run stitching

Once I'd got this out my system, we decided to get to actually cutting out the material for the Vest. So after I'd cut out the three pieces [two front, one back] I then went on to stitching them together.
Han Solo costume

Han Solo costume

This is just to hold the pieces together and we also used white thread so to be able to un-stitch if alterations are needed.
Han Solo costume
The neck area and arm holes are still to be done.

Tonight, Karen will be back round to help test fit the Vest on my Son and then onto the next stage.

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