Han Solo costume for my Son....... E-11 Blaster 1.2


This stuff is easy to find, if you know where to look [forums] & also on eBay, but it also comes at a price! Am always looking for an alternative product, on my last to blaster, I found a plastic box lid which I had to cut down to be able to use the lipped edge.

Last week I found this look-a-like t-track rubber on eBay, as a test for suitability. It was only £2.70 a meter.
E-11 T-track, Stormtrooper blaster
Test fit & look of T-track rubber on PVC tube

I just cut to lengths and slipped the ends inside the tube vent holes. Its not to bad really. It's firm'ish, but the vertical piece is not so, bit to flexible, but then again that might not be a bad thing. I do have to remember this is for my Son and as careful as he is, this build needs to be cheap, and relatively indestructible lol.

Heres a test piece of rubber stuck to PVC tube.
Test sample super glued onto scrap PVC tube

The t-tract will need to be glued on, so will see what else is out there, and of course the blaster needs painting first.

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