Han Solo costume for my Son....... E-11 Blaster 1.8 [M38 Scope]

M38 Scope
Bit more work done and the scope is almost finished.

Used the Milliput and made up the feet roughly. I then cut them to shape and filed to get the finished look. I then used Araldite glue to attach them to the main scope body.
M38 scope

M38 scope, E-11 Blaster
I know it's not a perfect 100% accurate copy of my own blaster's scope [in black] but it's a close enough copy for my Son's blaster.

Still need to finish off area's and also drill fixing holes in the two feet pieces to locate on the Scope Rail.

Had intended to cut out from thin aluminium, the front sight. I did but forgot to scale it to the Dia 40mm PVC tube [as I had to do with my other builds]. Had already cut out the inner part, so decided to scrap that and go with my second idea, which was to build it from Milliput.
E-11 BlasterE-11 Blaster

The start of it, once dried and hardened off, I'll start to create the shape.

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