Han Solo costume for my Son....... E-11 Blaster 1.5 [M38 Scope]

E-11 Scope - version M38

The one seen on Han Solo's blaster.

There were a few versions of blasters with different scopes fitted,
click the pic above or the following link, to take you to

Found this website to, is great for showing the different versions of scopes

I've been searching online for blaster scopes, but after some thought, I thought I have a go at making one out of wood......how hard could it be??? lol

So I used my scope as a guide and marked out a square length of wood I had. Not realising till later, I probably could of made the scope in one piece, but maybe the next one ;-)

I marked a diameter on the end face, then a few length dimensions and rough angle end points. Then in work this morning I started to cut wood.

Results so far.....
E-11 M38 scope
 This picture shows the amount of wood removed to create the angle.

E-11 M38 scope
 This view shows the angle better.

E-11 M38 scope
 Picture above, shows tools used.

E-11 M38 scope

The remaining guide lines are to be cut out on my lunchtime.

[I didn't take a pic of before.....didn't think it would work]

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