Han Solo costume for my Son........'never tell me the odds!'

Posted up the other day about new project for my Son. With things going on plus not having the time or funds to dedicate fully to this project, nothing more than research, happened [2014].

Well, with the film release of The Force Awakens last Dec, my two youngest cosplayers need's were re-ignited lol. My daughter, 8, is happy to just have a bought Rey outfit, which is OK, phew, but I'll add extras to make her outfit a bit special. Jacob tho is a different matter being older lol.

So been searching and updating my links, knowledge again and a friend (Karen, who I made SW shoes for) has offered to help with the making & teaching me how to sow with a sowing machine, again. Last sowing machine i used i was 11 at school lol. I can sow/stitch by hand tho, another little skill taught me by my late Mother x

Being on some great forums, gives you access to a wealth of knowledge, and this has helped enormously!! Also links to Cosplayer 'build' blogs etc.

This outfit will be as accurate as possible, but also practical for young person to be wearing and on a tight'ish budget! One big saving is the Stormtrooper belt & drop boxes, as he'll be able to borrow mine off my TK armour, just needs a belt adjustment lol.

Karen was kind enough to go looking for suitable material for the jacket this weekend and am waiting a sample for the 'blood stripes' for the trousers.

More to follow......

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