R5's Utility Arm movement - servo No1 - WORKS

LOL, I sound surprised, but after I had some sleep, and then a bit of Blog reading/searching oh and eBay surfing lol. I found how I was going to connect up the servo linkages to the Utility arm(s).

It may seem straight forward, but with how my servos 'movements range' was sort of limited, positioning of them for them to be able to close, meant that 'fully open' is not an option.

This was only a test, and was rushing as wanted to get one arm sorted before the weekends event [Feel the Force Day 3]. The throw is short and his arm doesn't come out to far, but am happy with this is is less exposed 'for safety'.

The test bracket fitted to the arm with the bent piece of wire, wasn't upto the abuse and broke. So had to make a new stronger angled bracket. I also bought some proper 'push rods', 'servo arm stoppers' & 'clevies'. These did a much better job and are obviously a lot more easier to adjust.


Servo position no.2 is now a WIP.....

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