Event - Chippenham Sci-Fi Day 2015 - report

As with all my recent events R5 was loaded up the night before into the back of the car.

Chippenham is only about a 40 min drive away, but I had to fill up with petrol & pick up a friend who was helping out at the event as well. The weather was wet on arriving, but I had my 'car cover' to protect R5 lol.
[yes, car cover lol, it doesn't fit the larger cars, but knew it would come in handy]

The town council had made ALL pay parking free for the day, this helped with parking for everyone, nice touch!

Neeld Hall, has had an over haul since last year, more space has been opened up, with was great for the crowds to move around.
The stage was dominated by an Alien Queen prop as well as other Alien film props. In front was Terminator items.
  • Mark was there with his Podpad studios props, Astromech's, steampunk Dalek & lots more.
  • Joker Squad, Charity Sci-Fi, Southern Troopers & The Milton Keynes Garrison were just some of the groups there in a full range of costumes.
There were lots of stall's, collections for charities & of course Guests.

Paul F brought along his almost completed R2-D2 dome, with pop-up periscope that he has been working on. Great work in what he's done!

The Doors opened at 10am.
R5D4, Twitter, @JamesR5D4

Here's some of the pictures from the start of the day lol,
was to busy with R5 to take pics when it was packed lol

Alien Queen & Terminator props

R5D4 & R2D2
 R5 having 5mins break

Princess and droid
 A Princess and the droid [ok, so it's not R2 lol]

Podpad Studio's
 Podpad Studio's - selection of props

Terminator props

Another great, fun packed day for all who attended.....oh and the Sun did come out eventually.

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