R5's sound system & electrics - more components....

RCA lead and speaker cable have arrived.
Both will be used to connect up the Audio FX unit to the amp (RCA to single stereo jack plug) and the speaker cable to link to the trigger pins out to the 12 channel remote unit.

Cut a few lengths of speaker cable, trimmed and tinned the ends.
These are short in length to connect to one side of 12 channel remote.
The others I will wait till the remote arrives and can properly judge lengths needed.
Started to solder on the leads

Replacement voltage units came to.
Two hours of soldering, testing, unsoldering, re-soldering.
One blown board (so much for circuit protection & re-set??]
Two good ones wired up though, one now set to 6 volts.
Voltage regulators

Voltage regulators
Wednesday 4th March - My Sure Amp arrived
Sure Amp 2x50watts

Sure Amp 2x50watts

Sure Amp 2x50watts

If I can sort out some speakers, get them fitted and the rest of the new electronics/electrics, R5 should have some sounds in him this month!!

Just the slip ring to arrive for me to then sort out R5's dome power.

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