R5-D4's Sound system installation

Started work on drilling holes and positioning components. I sort of know where everything should go, but am still waiting for the 12 channel remote, to be able to finally know what space I need.

I'd ordered some PCB nylon spacers 12mm long, but these were too long for the 20mm bolts and ny-lock nuts, to go through the Amp's holes and the Perspex board. So had to cut the spacers in half. Not the end of the world as means I've got twice as many now lol.
R5D4 sound

Marked and drilled holes for the four bolts & one hole for the power cable to come through.
This was as far as I got. I had to re-solder the fly leads on the original digital volt meter as they had broken off through use. I then applied hot glue on all three digital meter's contacts, to prevent strain on them.

My speakers came, and it's been sooooo long since I've bought car speakers, I forgot they often come with speaker wire too lol, bonus. These are Pyramid 3.5", 8cm, 240w Coaxial Two Way's.

I plan to have them mounted onto the main electrical board via a second stand off board.
First, I marked out some perspex and drilled/bored out holes with my adjustable cutter. Machined up some aluminium spacers for the screw positions.
PIC of perspex with speakers fitted - still W.I.P.
Sound system for R5D4Sound System in R5D4

Sound system for R5D4

The board still needs to be to size suitable and fixing holes drilled for it to be attached to the main board.

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