Custom box for radio transmitter - 1.4

Last night:
I added PVA glue to water mix and using an old spray bottle, sprayed the outside faces of the box and lid. Although I've done this before, I do still worry as MDF doesn't like water, though the PVA needs to be absorbed so as to seal the wood. Just have to leave to dry now.
Scanning crew container

Scanning crew container

This morning:
I took the now dried box and lid into work and started to spray them up. Got the lid done, before the can, which was almost empty anyway, ran out. Hence side picture 2 only half sprayed.
side 1
Scanning crew container
 side 2
Scanning crew container
More primer spraying will have to wait now till the weekend.
Have got some foam on it's way from eBay to arrive next week.

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