R5-D4's transport platform 1.3 - UPGRADE

R5-D4 when built fitted into the boot/load area of MY Zafira just fine. But the wife's newer one, the hatch is smaller in height.
Meaning the feet have to come off. This was something I would of preferred not to have to do, because then I'd have to figure out a way to support R5 in no leg mode!

This is not complete, but is on it's way to being. The centre leg would have to come off due to the limited height.

So I built this mini platform, which will also double as an assembly stand once attached to the mobile platform. The mini platform fits onto the mobile platform, giving the right amount of clearance and stability to re-assemble his feet, then he can be reversed, giving access to the stand, which once moved, allow's me to re-fit his central leg/foot assembly. Phew.

The left pic shows how the stand will be once R5's in place, the right picture shows the stand aligned with the edge of the platform, this allows the outer feet to be re-attached with plenty of ground/platform clearance.

I thought about if I needed to transport from A-B without having the space (or dry weather) and needed to move everything quickly. So thought and made up these to channel runners to bolt the outer feet too. The ankle bolts hold them in place whilst in transport, also means I can't misplace them lol.

I still need secure the centre leg and re-do the strap U-bolts (at the front of platform). Of course the proof will be when it comes to using it if this works or not lol. But, I know that with his feet off, I'm able to lift him up and into the boot again.

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