STAR WARS shoes..... Pt.2 - Wedges Revenge

Inbetween working on R5 I had time to work on two more pairs of shoe requests.
One pair of 'Avengers' heels & another pair with 'Justice League/Avengers'.
Both gratefully recieved :)
Justice League/AvengersJustice League/Avengers

Justice League/AvengersJustice League/Avengers
Didn't have any finished pictures taken of the Avengers pair.

Have also been asked to do another pair of Star Wars shoes, due to the strappy style,
the wedge part of the shoe has been covered.
These are wanted to be a day-to-day pair and keep the others I made,
for special occasions, like the Chippenham Sci-Fi event in October.
Where she will be a helper, so needs 'a more sensible pair of heels' lol

Here's some WIP pics
Star Wars heelsStar Wars heels

Star Wars heels

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