Star Wars shoes 1.1

Work on second shoe,
finished off detail to outside face, most work done to inside face....
Star Wars shoesStar Wars shoes
Another fw hours working on both pairs.

Just to recap how I did these. First I read the comic book from cover to cover lol.

I then cut out 'iconic' images, Vader, Han, X-Wings, Tie's, Stormtroopers etc.
Next, I looked for & cut out enlarged text printed, sound effects etc.
These were added on top of the pictures.

This next bit is just me, I selected what I wanted & where I wanted these main images to go.
I then applied the mod podge onto an area of the shoe.
I started at the back along the seem and applied my first piece.
Some of the larger pieces I cut 'bend cuts' into, to help curve to the shoe. I then applied mod podge onto first piece and overlapped with next picture piece.
Just continued all around the shoe.

After she showed all her friends the work in progress pics,
I now I have a request to make a pair of 'Avengers' heels lol.

More to come on the Star Wars heels..............

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